Summer Wind by Johnny Mercer

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Take a chance was the theme of this shoot. There were things out of our control that ended up in our favor later on. Things such as lighting, location and on the spot thinking. For a 3 person shoot (2 of which were actors as well) we were able to have a smooth and easy shoot.

Shot in about 2 days with 2 central locations we arrived, we filmed, we left, using the second day for reshoots and b-roll. Our director August was very easy to work with, providing his thoughts and letting the actors freely explore to see what fit best for the video we were making.

Editing wise, we used DaVinci to edit and color grade. Overall I was happy with the work and the making of. I’d like to thank Kaitlyn Pham for taking the time and effort with this shoot. I hope you all enjoy it.

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