The Kinks – Come Dancing (Unofficial Music Video Pero Official Not A Music Video JK [Jungkook) Pls Don’t Sue I’m Not Ready To Represent Myself)

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When this project was announced, Anh Nguyen and I knew we wanted to create some sort of a traditional Vietnamese piece – to which we were successful.

I must say, Anh did an amazing job editing this project. If you guys seen what she had to work with, you wouldn’t believe the outcome was possible.

Some projects come easier than others, and this was not one of them. I failed in many aspects as a partner and director. There were much lessons to be learned from this experience. Primarily with pre-planning. A lot of the scenes I directed supposed to be very precise on time and pace. Unfortunately, when the day came to shoot, time became an enemy. Especially for a project like this that’s very precise on time, much preplanning is needed. It ended up working out with how quick the pace of the song was, and also with Anh’s editing, weaving in and out of some scenes.

I want to sincerely give thanks for everyone involved: my partner Anh Nguyen, Riley Hardwick, Daniel Padron, Kaitlyn Pham, Lawson Whitford, and Yen Nguyen for sacrificing their time and effort with this project. It really meant a lot for everyone to pull through and invest in us even though our we’re in an unrefined stage at the moment. Also, thanks to my Parish, St. Benedict the Abbot for opening up their doors for us, and Riley’s parents who allowed their home, and dogs.

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