Moon Over Bourbon Street – Story Song Project

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This is the first project I’ve created in my whole college career that I can say I’m genuinely proud of, partially because I was able to take my own vision and script and put it into film form.

This is the first project I’ve worked on where I was both the screenwriter and director. I was incredibly scared at the beginning of this project, but I knew that I would have to take a leap at some point and helm my own project. There was some difficulty in the beginning, but I was able to make everything work out with the help of my project partner, Aaron.

The main problems we had were finding locations to film. We couldn’t find a house to be our female main character’s living space, so I had to edit the script to make her living place an apartment. I offered up my own apartment to be used, and we filmed there. We also had some trouble finding a bar, but we got lucky when Ricebox allowed us to film in their Rice Village location.

I think my favorite part of making the film was the refrigerator scene and the Red Room inspired scene where we see the male main character get turned into a vampire. They were the hardest to film because of the makeup and props, but the creative payoff made the mess and strife worthwhile.

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