I got old(er) the other day

 In A thought, Personal Project

Back before Covid did a number on the world, a minor distraction around the offices of 4381 was the date of my birth. Someone had asked, I had not answered out of the principle that a very boring person can seem much more interesting by hiding the most mundane of information. I am boring and opted to refrain from saying the date. It was more for my own entertainment than for anyone one else’s. Anyway, the day came and went and it seems even more trivial to me now.

So, I’m posting the post I had put up of at keithhouk.com, a sight I run that no one looks at anymore. A friend from Fort Worth, at a time when friends were hard to find, was kind of enough to sing me a birthday song.

There is a lesson on film, or scriptwriting, or connections or something. You can find it, I’m too old to do it myself.

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