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Well, we all have a lot of time on our hands these days. The offices of 4381 are locked and we are all communicating virtually. I’ve been impressed by the dedication of everyone in this trying time. What have I been up to? Well, I’ve made some training videos to help out some of the folks from the floor below in office 3321. We were going to talk film editing after company vacations and that went all to hell. I’ve got Final Cut and Premiere in the bag. Now, come the morning I’m moving on to DaVinci Resolve.

Tonight, I’m looking for something that has been lost a long time. I’m looking for footage from documentary I had been trying to put together called Finding the Perfect Song. This whole uncertain life is just par for the course for us in Houston. Harvey is in the not too distant past and we all remember having nothing in the stores and being cut off from everything. Of course, that was because there were millions of gallons of water between us. Now it’s just air that may or may not kill us all. Well, back when those millions of gallons of water swamped us, I had a leak in a roof that dropped water into a plastic bin and in that bin was a hard drive containing all of the footage for the documentary.

Wait, you ask, why didn’t I have it on two hard drives like I tell everyone to do? The answer to that is quite simple – SHUT UP!

That’s my answer. I thought it was on another drive as well, but I was dealing with the fallout from a traumatic brain injury and even though my brain said it was in two places my brain was not to be trusted and where was I? Oh, yeah, SHUT UP! That’s where I was.

Well, tonight, I found a hard drive that I know used to have some files on it that were erased long ago. I’m running an app called Disk Drill trying to find what might still be on the drive.

Screen Shot 2020 03 26 at 11 08 51 PM

Only 11 hours to go to find out if I have wasted 13 hours in the process. Fingers crossed and SHUT UP! Everyone be safe and stay safe.

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