Ups and downs

 In A thought

It was two week of highs and lows at the offices of 4381 Productions. We all got together and shot some very nice commercials on Saturday. Non-disclosure agreements prevent us discussing those ads until sometime this summer. It was incredible to see everyone’s dedication to a single task. Pre-production was solid and that lead to a great day of production. Curves were thrown by clients as they always are and we hit them out of the park.

Then Tuesday night rolled around. Other work was due and it was not as strong as it could have been. I hope all involved see where things could have improved. I ask and expect a lot from everyone in the office and on occasions my expectations are higher than the tides can rise. To top off the bad showing was a request from the rest of the office for a delay on the next round of productions.

Again, an up and down couple of weeks.

“How do you explain to yourself the casual manner in which you threw your life away?”
― James Lee Burke, Swan Peak

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