CALLED UP | My First Short Film

Hi, everyone!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m excited to announce that my first short film, “CALLED UP”, is finally out! I directed and produced this project, along with co-writing the script. A lot of work was put into this, and it’s been a very fun process, despite any difficulties that many have come along the way. I feel a weight lifted. I’m normally incredibly self-critical, and I personally know what could have been done better in the result or in the process, now, but I’m just grateful and proud of our work. I’m just glad the result of all of our time and efforts can finally be seen.

This story, this production, these people that helped me bring this to life–they all mean a lot to me. A special shoutout to Andro Salazar, who’s a familiar face in 4381 and stars in this film as Aurelio.

“CALLED UP”–After the passing of their best friend Aurelio, two friends play one last game with him at their favorite baseball field.

A story about joy, coming of age, and moving forward.

I hope you enjoy this piece.

CoogTV: The Last Visit

After losing a production day due to a possible COVID-19 exposure, we shot a horror film in a total of 15 hours (two shoot days). This was my second time producing and Leandro Salazar’s second time directing, but his first true directing gig as he was directing solo. The crew was amazing and we all put our hearts and souls into pre-production and production work, so despite the setbacks and things out of control, the shoot itself went so smoothly and I’m so proud of everyone and to have gained this experience. This is definitely one of the most ambitious projects CoogTV has ever done, and I’m thankful for how much effort and care was put into this to ensure it was as professional and efficient as possible. The talent in the picture below is A1.

Spring Forward Into Creativity

After years and years of creating amateur movies and short films on my own with an iPhone and big dreams, I recently finally invested into my first digital video camera (Cannon Rebel SL3) and am looking forward to the projects I’ll be working on within the next few months in and outside of school.

This summer, my first collaborative script/project will be produced with a celebrated playwright and UH alum, Addie Symonds. We have been drafting the script all winter break and will be having our first official meeting tomorrow evening.

In light of tonights astrological event, which is a Full Moon in Leo, I will be manifesting an abundance of ideas and creative energy to flow through us and into our notes and finalization in script work tomorrow. Trust the timing in your work and trust the timing of the Universe. Anything and everything is possible.