Summer 2019 Film Production

This May, the Valenti School of Communication and 4381 Productions will be shooting the two short films “Sensibilities” and “Montague Street”. Production will take place May 20th through June 1st.Actors are needed for both productions. We will be shooting limited hours each day and we will be as accommodating to schedules as possible. Below are sides and character synopsis for each production. Your auditions can be shot on your phone or on a higher end camera. What matters is we get your audition.  You may audition for more than one role and more than one project. Just keep each audition as a separate file.

DEADLINE EXTENDED. Please send audition videos to with your contact information included. Larger files can be sent via to Please submit auditions by Wednesday, May 15th.


Sensibilities tells the comedic story of a young woman who finds something shocking in her car a passenger left behind. Her quest is derailed by a few bottles of wine and the question of how something manages to be squishy and hard at the same time.

Lynn – a woman with Victorian, almost borderline puritanical, sexual hang ups trying to handle the shocking (actually vibrating) discovery she makes while cleaning her car.

Wallace – Lynn’s long suffering or suffering longingly, mate who is trying his best to let her muddle through her quest to find the object’s owner.

Dawn – Lynn’s best friend or at least she thinks she is. She’s there to support Lynn but also to make sure Robin doesn’t provide support first.

Robin – Lynn’s best friend or at least she thinks she is. She’s there to be supportive and to remind Dawn that first in the order for best friends.

Montague Street

Ezequiel finally gets Sandra, the girl of his dreams, only to find she is living a nightmare and Sandra sees him as the perfect way out.

Ezequiel – Painfully shy and in love with the girl across the hall. Through a twist of fate or just the turning of a knob, she comes into his life and destroys his world.

Sandra – The girl next door has gotten herself in too deep with the wrong kind of people. The guy across the hall likes her and he might just be the one to get her out.

Jonas – Sandra’s boyfriend or is it roommate? Does it matter? Looking perpetually drunk, Jonas is the right hand man to a part time musician and full time cult leader.

Aspect – A little older than the rest, a wild eyed Walt Whitman on speed. Charismatic, outspoken and volatile. You are with him or he is against you. A man who can talk circles around you and never really say a thing. 

Lyric – The girl that should be and wants to be Ezequiel’s girl. She offers a different life, a different door to a different world. She won’t come out and say it, but she loves Ezequiel and wants desperately for him to realize he should love her too.

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