Your job is to get your audience to care about your obsessions. – Martin Scorsese


There are times when it seems 4381’s motto should be: So many projects, so few credits. If you worked on any of these, let us know and we will start footnoting the heck out of things.

An opportunity arose from a chance meeting with someone from the French Consulate and this documentary was the result.

We want to shoot a chase, they said. A chase they shot.

Occasionally, the members of 4381 completely surprise. This project landed on the screen and was much more elaborate and polished than anyone was expecting. We knew they were good and dedicated, but didn’t know they could do all the rest.

The project was intended to spark creativity. The everyday could be something special. Ordinary/Extraordinary was the title. Stories were told of actual events in everyone’s lives. Scripts were shot. Stories combined. Michael Grossman contributed his considerable talents and directed the bar room scenes and this project was born.

Tony award winning writer Mark Medoff was next door teaching a screenwriting class. 4381 had some time to collaborate and we all spent a morning together shooting “Graduation Plans.”

A production exercise was warranted. We needed experience outside, inside and in the past. Oh, yeah, it should also bee raining. The end result was “The Joke.” It’s also called “3” from time to time.

Directed by Michael Grossman working with students from the Valenti School of Communication’s single camera studio class. This was based on the 16 lines project and Michael was gracious enough to take on the same project as the class; allowing them to see his creative process from start to finish.

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