Room 131 is officially locked down!

We just wrapped “Room 131” and while this was technically the last production I’ll be working on for a bit, I will certainly miss it and working with genuinely amazing people! See you guys soon!

Poor Herman Wrap up

This is just one of many of the BTS photos from the set of “Poor Herman” that I had the amazing pleasure of working on. Horror, violence, and pure talent.

CALLED UP | My First Short Film

Hi, everyone!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m excited to announce that my first short film, “CALLED UP”, is finally out! I directed and produced this project, along with co-writing the script. A lot of work was put into this, and it’s been a very fun process, despite any difficulties that many have come along the way. I feel a weight lifted. I’m normally incredibly self-critical, and I personally know what could have been done better in the result or in the process, now, but I’m just grateful and proud of our work. I’m just glad the result of all of our time and efforts can finally be seen.

This story, this production, these people that helped me bring this to life–they all mean a lot to me. A special shoutout to Andro Salazar, who’s a familiar face in 4381 and stars in this film as Aurelio.

“CALLED UP”–After the passing of their best friend Aurelio, two friends play one last game with him at their favorite baseball field.

A story about joy, coming of age, and moving forward.

I hope you enjoy this piece.

Don’t be Forking Stupid.

Just finished this PSA work project, except instead of it being about something important or noteworthy that could help humanity out, it’s about not being an idiot.

So maybe the same thing. Enjoy watching us have fun with this idea.


We had our picture wrap for D4K on Tuesday and I let out a breath of relief. This was the most challenging project I’ve ever had to produce and I’m glad to have shared the experience with my crewmates. They are amazing and I cannot thank them enough.

Despite all the obstacles, we finished it and are now entering post-production. Looking at the footage, there’s one thing I can say, and that’s ‘our efforts show’ y’all. Best of luck to our post-production team and hopefully we’ll get to share the final project soon!

CoogTV: The Last Visit

After losing a production day due to a possible COVID-19 exposure, we shot a horror film in a total of 15 hours (two shoot days). This was my second time producing and Leandro Salazar’s second time directing, but his first true directing gig as he was directing solo. The crew was amazing and we all put our hearts and souls into pre-production and production work, so despite the setbacks and things out of control, the shoot itself went so smoothly and I’m so proud of everyone and to have gained this experience. This is definitely one of the most ambitious projects CoogTV has ever done, and I’m thankful for how much effort and care was put into this to ensure it was as professional and efficient as possible. The talent in the picture below is A1.

Scouting for an outdoor night shoot

Location scouting is fun but it almost always promises a number of potential issues to be taken care of.

In an upcoming project I’m working on, there are scenes that take place in a forest at night. Though it sounds like a really fun and exciting thing to shoot, so many things can go wrong. I’m trying my best to make it work and hopefully, it’ll be a great experience to have with my amazing crew!

24 Frame – Final Version

I spent some extra time finishing color editing, adding sound, adjusting transition and proper framing, as well as additional effects and overlays. In the end, I’m quite satisfied with the end product and happy to share it with you all!

Crimson Spite

I had the pleasant ability to work hands on with fake blood for the first time myself… and can I say it is a mess! Post shoot was a 3 hour cleanup by myself to rid the house of the blood stained footprints and splash marks from the *shower shot*. I’m a big fan of how it looks however, this being just a small taste of the song story project being edited right now! Keep tuned in!