24 Frame – Final Version

I spent some extra time finishing color editing, adding sound, adjusting transition and proper framing, as well as additional effects and overlays. In the end, I’m quite satisfied with the end product and happy to share it with you all!

Tiny but scary

A second before it started to fly toward me and I ran for my life.

Serenity in the Saddle

Horseback riding is just one of the activities in which I partake, and it is definitely one of the more fun ones!

I went on my first trail ride the other day, and it was kind of stress-relieving. Even when my horse, Smoke, really liked the taste of the bushes that were lining the trail, and I had to keep him from randomly veering off to get a snack the whole time, I was lost in the serenity of the trail ride.



When you first get in the saddle, all you can think about is what you have to do in order to not fall off the horse. Then once you get more comfortable, and start to get in a rhythm with how the horse is moving, you can relax a bit and start to appreciate the beauty around you.


Even when your horse takes unscheduled snack breaks, the cacophony of the world and its responsibilities tend to fade away while you’re in the saddle. The only thing left is you and the horse and the nature surrounding you.

Ride on, y’all.



Found a photo I took some time ago that sums up pretty much how my life is right now.

Location Scouting

While location scouting for a movie I made over the summer, we found this really cool spot. A little pond with a small spread of trees behind it made for a great filming location, but it was so cool that we had to have a mini photoshoot before leaving.

It’s the little things in life.



Age of Transportation

Meet Midori, my 2003 Honda Accord. She’s gotten me from point a to b over the past 5 years, up until these last two weeks where I’ve had the unpleasant gift of experiencing life in our day in age lacking vehicular transport. I don’t know how some people are able to do it! I have to travel to both work and school, neither of which have public transport options in my hometown. This means I have to borrow vehicles or lean on friends for rides, leaving much later and much earlier then I standardly would just to arrive to my destination on time. I can only hope the swift restoration of my Honda beauty for ease of mind.

The magic of color


I love editing photographs and want to continue how to improve my editing and photography skills the most I can.
I know I still have a long way to lean but here is a photograph I toook back in February and was discouraged to edit because I felt it was not a good picture. But after weeks of putting it off I finally decided to edit it and honestly I love it so much. I want to continue to do more creative and fashion photography.