Valenti Showcase

Last night I went with my friend to a project showcase at Valenti on University of Houston. I had the pleasure of seeing the hard work of many of my peers and those I had not yet met. I saw so much skill and passion in all of these projects. I’m definitely glad I was there, since there’s a few people I’m already planning to work with for a project next month I had not yet had the pleasure to meet. Now I’m definitely excited to work with them further.


I friggin love soundtracks so I was super stoked to make dem sounds for Death in 4k and Cold Embers

Rocky Raccoon Production

Since I shot this project solo, I thought this picture was amusing because it’s me shooting me in a scene where I get shot by me.

My Memories Have Escaped Me

A while back I did this short to the song “I don’t Remember a Thing” by Paul Kelly. I’m not wild about the song to be honest, but I liked the idea of an amnesiac learning that he did some messed up stuff the day before. Because of the long chorus, I had a lot of freedom on how to fill that in, so I went and had fun with that.

This was also the first time I got to work with some people I’ve now grown close too. So I’m pretty thankful for that. Especially Catherine for letting me abuse her (carefully) in many ways until I found what I wanted.

Cold Embers BTS

I usually keep my mind pretty on track when on set. Because of that, I don’t get behind the scenes pictures too often. However, when we were shooting a Western film, I had just enough time while we were moving equipment to grab some shots. The different point everyone is in their walk made me think of an album cover for a mediocre cover band.

Death in 4K Edit


All wrapped up on my end of the edit for Death in 4K. Organization is so important in the editing process and thanks to the fact that we shot entire scenes in nearly chronological order and keeping every video and audio file logged, I was able to move from one shot to the next without scrambling through the script or searching through every file until I found what was next. After using Final Cut for the past few semesters dating back to the first non-linear editing class I was in, I decided to switch over to Premiere Pro since I prefer editing on a PC rather than on a laptop and the switch was mostly seamless, thankfully a lot of these programs function about the same way so there wasn’t much of a learning curve. Editing has always been my preferred task on any project because of how rewarding it feels once you’ve puzzled everything together in a sequence and watch it play out like an actual movie, even if it can get a little tedious at times.

A big thanks to photoshop

Pictured above is the wanted poster I’m putting in Cold Embers. On a side note I cant stress how useful it is to have photoshop installed on your computer if you’re making any type of prop papers. Also, if you see Butcher John on the loose just know the reward for him is ten thousand dollars!