Past Life

Past Life by Tame Impala is the song that I choose to create a corresponding video for. Kinda crazy looking back now how it truly was a Past life. I was able to go into friends of friend’s [...]

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Horror <3

I have always been a huge fan of horror, from Saw to The Shining. But they really hit for me when the story is unique and compelling as well. I think this started with the cartoon Courage the [...]

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While this all really sucks, I’m glad I get some time to step out of my day to day reality and check myself. Life at UH has been great, but it’s nice to take my self out of my habits [...]

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Patrick Grady

  Obsessed with art. In love with film. Attached to the camera. Inspired by interactions and reactions, experiences, love, nature, and relationships. Aiming to share and discover new perspectives.

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Find ways to be proud and give yourself credit for the energy you know you have put forth. However, be real and understand what can be done to improve in the future. Learning is a beautiful [...]

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