Black Adam!

The DC extended universe is picking up steam after a couple hits since the disastrous Justice League. Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson is set to start filming this summer. I love this character so much and am extremely excited to see what the filmmakers do with him. I was a bit worried at first because let’s face it Dwayne Johnson usually just plays Dwayne Johnson in most of his movies which can be argued are usually cash grabs rather than passion projects. With the exception of his performance in Pain and Gain which is my personal favorite of his and the only time I can truly say he wrapped himself around the character he was playing. But after reading a few of the rumored characters that are going to make an appearance I’m all in and ready for this movie. Black Adam is supposed to face off with the Justice Society of America along with Hawkman, another personal favorite of mine. I definitely have faith that Johnson and director Jaume Collet- Sarra will cook up something special.¬† SHAZAM!

Black Adam (Character) - Comic Vine

Hollywood in Trouble

I’m sure you’ve come across an article or two attempting to instill some fear in you about Hollywood and its chances of survival once things kick back up after this situation we currently find ourselves in. Theaters across the nation even the world are closed due to the pandemic, many are doubtful the industry will wither and die. As if streaming services popping up left and right like a virus of their own, many have said that this would be the killer of theaters. Now theaters have another obstacle to overcome in the shape of this pandemic. According to Christopher Nolan, has written an essay urging the public to keep the cinemas alive once we are all able to attend the theaters safely. In the essay he talks about the movie business being about us all from the audience to the people working the concession stands. Nolan really expresses his concern and passion for the art in this message asking us to keep the theaters alive. Even though everything that’s happening is frightful I’m positive that the release of Nolans new movie Tenant should get theaters kickstarted once everything is back to normal.

Importance of Storyboarding

I recently came across this video detailing how Mad Max:Fury Road came to be. As it turns out most of the movie was done by following only story boards and a script was barely used and that has finally resonated with me to start doing and using story boards no matter how bad of an artist I happen to be. It can always be helpful this is also just a great short watch if you wish to learn a few things.

Mind blown :o

I recently read some interesting facts about the film Inception. Director Christopher Nolan based the main characters off filmmaking roles. Now if you have seen the movie you’ll start to realize what that means once you break it down. Cobb is supposed to be the director as he is calling most of the shots, Arthur is supposed to be the producer, Ariadne is production designer, Eames is the actor, Saito is the studio, and finally Fisher is supposed to be the audience. when I first read about this I was completely mind blown and just to top it all off if you take the characters first names they spell out DREAMS. Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal, and Saito.

El Mariachi

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El Mariachi the first part of the so called “Mexico trilogy” directed by Texas native Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez shot the feature film using 7,000 dollars which he raised by participating in experimental clinical drug testing in Austin. This lets us know how badly Rodriguez wanted to attain his goal of being a filmmaker. He advises in his book Rebel without a Crew: or How a 23-Year-Old with $7,000 became a Hollywood player¬†to cut costs as much as possible. He also hired no crew for the project and used actors that were not in scenes to help out. This kind of determination for the art of not only film-making but of facilitating is what seduces me to this industry.


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Director Matt Reeves recently released some test footage of his new take on the caped crusader. The footage shows actor Robert Pattinson in the new bat suit. Reeves is most likely taking inspiration from Arkham video game series in the design of the suit. Given the close resemblance. If you take a closer look at the bat symbol you can notice that it appears to me made up of old gun pieces. The gun most likely being the one Joe Chill used to murder Bruce Wayne’s parents in the ally.

There is a comic revealing that Bruce Wayne actually melts the gun used to kill his parents and reshapes it into the bat symbol. Reeves is clearly taking inspiration from that as well. Whether this is all speculation or not I for one am excited to see what Reeves can do with one of the most celebrated comic book characters of all time.

Sneak peak

a sneak peak of one of my frames for the 24 frames project. Can you guess the plot?