Relearning DaVinci Resolve

I’ve been wanting to challenge my video-editing abilities more as of late, so I’ve resolved to edit my next few videos on either DaVinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro.

I actually used to edit most of my work through DaVinci Resolve, so editing through there is more like polishing off the rust to improve my editing, but there’s still a bit of a curve I need to overcome after using Premiere Pro for so long.

But for now, here’s my first timeline in DaVinci Resolve in over two years

Editing, Editing, and More Editing

I’ve gotten into the habit of making long videos this year.

Usually, I try to keep my work within the 30-minute range, but almost half of my videos this year passed that. Hell, a number of my videos even passed the hour mark!

I guess it’s because I’m going more in-depth with the topics I discuss in my video essays, especially since they’re topics I can talk on and on and on about.

Not that that’s a problem for me. I love talking about things I’m passionate about in my videos.

Anyway, here’s the timeline for my current video project. Any guesses on what it’s about?

Preparing for the Month Ahead

As the end of October is nearing, I’ve been making plans for future personal projects. Nothing too big has been planned out recently, but I have written down two video ideas that I want to pursue in 2022.

The issue, however, is time and resources. One of the ideas doesn’t even have a complete script yet, and the other requires a number of props that I haven’t been able to get.

It’ll be a challenge, but that’s what media production is all about, isn’t it?

For now, though, here’s a timeline of a project I’m currently editing.

Uncomfortable Colors

Last weekend, I finally filmed my music project. Despite things not going as intended (i.e. having to shoot in a slightly different location due to a communication error), it went pretty well! I got all the shots I needed, and I managed to get a rough edit done the other day.

All I have left to do is to color-correct it in the style I wish to have. And, to truly invoke what I want in this project, I’m trying to find which colors are the most uncomfortable for people to look at, as the subjects of my video are supposed to invoke some kind of discomfort.

But for now, here’s an unedited photo from the day we filmed everything (thanks again to Andrew, Chance, and Stephen for helping me out!)

Storyboarding for a Song Project

Recently, I began production on my next video project: A video based on the lyrics to “See America Right” by the Mountain Goats.

I finished the storyboarding over the weekend, and now it’s time to scout for locations, get some talent, and prepare all my equipment to shoot.

I’m a little nervous because I’ve never worked with talent in person before. I’ve worked with voiceover talent many, many times, but I guess there needs to be a first for everything, huh?

Anyway, here’s some of the storyboard for my project (I’m not the best artist; I know)

Plans After the Lynch Project

I always feel a little bit of burnout after major projects, and having finished quite a few this month (both in and out of 4381 Productions), I’ve been taking time to consider my next steps once I’m ready to get back to filmmaking.

I think what I’m going to do next is finish a passion project I’ve been working on since April. It’s not very “artsy”, as it’s a video essay critiquing one of the most successful films in 2016, but it’s a project I’ve wanted to take on for years. I only have two parts of it left to film, but one of them is rather technically challenging, so I have to plan out what to do for once.

I don’t have much else to say, so here’s a photo of me filming said project back on Saturday