Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

I was a Studio Intern for 3 years at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, where I created long-lasting memories. At first, I was uncertain about the internship because I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the film industry. I was naïve in thinking it was not going to benefit me in the long term. I learned how to coil cables, operate camcorders, and direct a Livestream. The exposure from working on a professional broadcast where the show must go on was the most fulfilling experience I had. However, the relationship and memories I created along the way I will cherish forever. Overall, I’m grateful for having the opportunity to work in the largest rodeo in the world.


Song recommendation of the week: Cody Johnson – Welcome to the Show

After the Fall

During the spring break, we shot After the Fall, a short film directed by Michael Grossman. It was a unique opportunity to see Michael interact with both the cast and crew. Especially to see in person how he does the blocking with the actors and the placement of the cameras. For the short film I was key grip, and let me tell you I learned a lot over the week of shooting. It was refreshing to work with a crew that no one had an ego and was willing to put in the work. Special shoutout to Stalin Santiago and David Rubio who were DP and Gafer for the film, they were the ones I communicated the most while working. Here’s a teaser for After the Fall – 4381 Productions





Song recommendation for the week: La Santa Cecilia – Como Dios Manda

The Beauty of Uncertainty


This past weekend I was busy shooting for the 36 frames project. The original talent that was cast, has a thing called Covid-19. Some of you may know about it, is a virus that is contagious and likes to attack your healthy cells especially the lungs. Luckily, they are fine and only have mild symptoms. However, it really threw a wrench into my work. I had to ask favors and rethink the original game plan I had for the shoot. Thankfully I was able to find a replacement and was able to tell the story from a different perspective. It made me realize how important adaptability is and becoming comfortable being uncomfortable is.

Song recommendation for the week:  Zaia – Very Alone

The Hallucination of Memories

I mentioned on my previous blog (you should read it first and comeback)  I was going to experiment with going to a location and playing music that does not belong in that environment. Well, I finally escaped the four white walls of my room and visited The Museums of Fine Arts, Houston. It has been over a year since I visit the museum and let me tell you it has expanded massively. If I’m not mistaken MFAH is the fourth- largest museum in the country. Time flew by quickly while listening to music and I walked my 10,000 steps that day. Maybe it was not a good decision to work out on my legs that day before.

Two weeks have passed since my visit from the Museum and something interesting happened. While looking over the pictures I took certain art pieces I remembered the melody of the song I was listening to. I ask myself why do I remember the melody is it because of the song or the impressions the art piece gave. It can also be a combination of both but is hard to ponder over memories. Memories are a delicate topic to reflect over because memories change over time or are rather manipulated.

Either way, it was nice to change the scenery, it was a good opportunity to get inspired for upcoming projects. At the same time admired different mediums of arts.

Song recommendation for the week: Whereabouts – Stevie Wonder

Sans Soleil

I’m going to talk about my experience with the film Sans Soleil. Chris Marker directed, photographed, wrote, and edited the movie. Narrated by a woman reading the letters of a seasoned traveler. The film mostly covers Japan and West Africa. What I respected about the film was the transitions between shots visually and auditory. The voice-over itself was beautifully composed, making it easier to transition between locations. I saw a world that was familiar to me but was different. An intimate world and I was the one invading it. The film allows you to be submerged by the environment by the sounds and sequence of shots that followed. Of course, it reminded you that you don’t belong here with the usage of audio. A cybernetic sound was played throughout the film randomly.

One of the first lines of the film’, “After circling the globe, only banality still interested me.” truly made me feel that after finishing the film. The only things that I profoundly remember were the simple images of those children shown in both the beginning and the ending of the film. Also the statue of Hachikō, a Japanese dog that waited for his owner 9 years after his death. Of course, there are outliers like the segment about Japanese horror films that weirded me out. It was probably not a good thing to watch the movie at midnight, but it allowed me the opportunity to go on a trip without taking any substance. Including the unexpected giraffe death, it took me a second to comprehend what was happening until the second shot solidified my curiosity.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of information in such a short time. It took time to digest it. I probably fell asleep past three in the morning. It made me reflect on why those scenes stuck in my mind and the power of memories. I’m planning to go somewhere and put random music and see how it impacts my perspective. Including, taking time to reflect on how it impacts my impressions that would turn into memories.


Jesus Castillo Jr.