John Hinkle’s Masterclass

I am now pretty much done with my role as a Set Decorator. It was an unforgettable¬†experience¬†especially when you have a veteran by the name of John Hinkle come in and show you a mini blueprint of how things are done. Quick background of John Hinkle, he is a professional set painter. However, he has done so many more roles such as make-up artist, he has been a stand-by painter, and he even was a PA at one point. He has worked on films from L.A. Confidential to Princess Diaries and even Lethal Weapon with Mel Gibson. His portfolio is everyone’s dream because has worked on some very notable films. Mr. Hinkle came to our set several times to show us different tricks including texturing and how to age wood. It became a whole art masterclass and I had a great time. These are a couple of photos of some things we created with Mr. Hinkle.

New Project

I’m currently working on a project as one of the set decorators which has been a very interesting role. I initially wanted to be apart of this team because it was something I had no idea what went all into it. Much respect to the professionals and the people that are in this career. The creativity and the work that goes into this are insane. Luckily, the team I’m working with is amazing and we have been working well cooperatively. I am now understanding why people only want to hire people with good attitudes. We worked for hours bouncing ideas off each other and trying to figure things out. We were telling stories, listening to music but still getting work done. The time flew but if you are working with people that are always complaining the days can seem a lot longer and boring. We also have an awesome leader who knows his stuff and is a great teacher. This was a challenge I wasn’t expecting but I have been enjoying every minute of it. I have also been learning from one of the best painters in the game and I look forward to sharing that experience.

The Journey

It was quite a long journey to find this degree and get as far as I am in school. I started off going away to a private school up north and attempting to get a degree in graphic design. These classes consisted of a lot of drawing and painting on canvas. While at school I had a bad experience with a roommate to the point I had to leave the school. My parents came and got me and I didn’t return for the 2nd semester. After a while, I realized how talented other people were and felt this career was not for me. I then went and got a job so I can go to community college and pay for my courses. I stayed there for almost a year and a half. I then moved to Texas and started at a community college again because I had to live here for a year so I can be qualified as an In-state student. Also found out that Texas educational system was different than where I was from. In that case, basically, my last 2.5-3 years were pointless because they didn’t transfer the credits. I then transferred to the University of Houston thinking I wanted to pursue Digital Media. However, one summer I ended up seeing a film set and watching how it moved. I changed my degree plan again to media production and now I’m finally a senior after 6 years to get a bachelor’s degree.

Finding My Role

Creating and writing has come slightly easier than I would have expected it to. I struggle to verbalize how I feel and express my thoughts. However, creating and writing just feels different and doesn’t bring the same challenges. I recently completed the course scriptwriting and starting off I was terrified but I begin to enjoy it and become better.

Now, I’m breaking down scripts and writing 2min scripts. Pre-production is becoming something I have grown fond too. This weekend I was going over a script and separating each scene by length and numbering each of them. A couple of summers ago I was given the opportunity to observe director and writer Greg Carters’ crew for a week. Having done that and working on some projects of my own 2nd AD is something I would really like to pursue. I’m currently still doing research and learning more about the role but that department is something I’m definitely gravitating towards.