Song Story – Come Dancing

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My partner Minh is often a very unserious individual. At times, it seemed almost impossible to progress any further into our project during the early stages, but as the deadline crept closer, he felt more urgency in getting this project done and taking concrete steps to start filming. His storyboarding may not be the most clear, but it’s thanks to him that we had a place for the dance hall even though we had a small cast to fill the room. Sometimes, when we were filming, he was confused about what we were doing, and I became frustrated because we had discussed the direction of the video and laid out the storyboard. Later, he became worried we would not have enough footage to fill the duration of the song, so he changed some parts near the end of the song and gave me more than enough video to fill in the scene where the brother invited his sister to go dancing.

A part I would change would be changing the scene for “The day they knocked down the palais/ My sister stood and cried/ The day they knocked down the palais/ Part of my childhood died, just died.” We decided to show a childhood photo of the brother and then afterward, show it broken. However, that didn’t translate to most people. Instead of the frame, I would just show the brother noticing how distraught his sister was from afar and then also feel her pain. For instance, her coming home finding out the palais was being destroyed then him peering from outside her room, seeing how sad she is.

Overall, this was another good project to learn from. I’m always self-conscious of my work, but I don’t feel bad about how this turned even with the things I know that I should’ve done. Original Come Dancing Storyboard

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