Don’t Stand So Close to Me “Music Video” Behind-The-Scenes

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The time  on set was super fun and creative! Having a shot list made this process much easier because Mia and I could effectively get all of the shots we needed in a timely manner and without wasting anyone else’s time. Originally the classroom we needed to film in had a class in it so we had to get some shots in a similar looking class that was much smaller. The shots in the smaller classroom consisted of a daydream that the main character had. Eventually we were able to film where we originally planned. Mia directed flawlessly so that everything would cut together well. There were some adjustments we had to make such as the car scenes and this taught me the power of showing the audience what you want them to see or interpret by using your actors/actresses. They are like the tools you have to tell the story in your head. It kind of reminds me of coaching in a way, but not all coaches were great players and not all players are great coaches.. IDK I hope that makes sense. #videoshoot #spotlight #music #classroom

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