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This project was a fun challenge to take on. The most difficult part of the process was coming up with a story that took place in a unique location, spoke to me, and was something I could encapsulate in only 24 frames. I found a rooftop bar location that I liked because of how visually appealing I could make the scene with it: overhanging fairy lights, symmetrical booth seating, greenery, and lovely views. With these factors in mind, a stranger romance story is what I gravitated towards. I liked the idea of two people, strangers, isolated within themselves to find a connection with one another.

Once I started storyboarding I came to realize how hard it is to tell the story within 24 frames, but that challenge helped me to configure something that was cohesive and concise (something I can utilize in the future). Once I finalized the story, a friend of mine agreed to be cast alongside me, which was an interesting thing to agree to because I usually hate being on camera. Because I put myself out of my typical comfort zone, I was able to pass a hurdle that had been holding me back. My girlfriend also helped me to take the frames in which both myself and my friend needed to be in, which I am very grateful for.

It was a fun and enjoyable time, there were many frames where my friend and I were laughing at having to act interested in each other…overall I was happy with the result. One thing I would have liked to change was the camera I was using to practice in-camera filters/adjustments.



Final Frame

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