24 Frames by Alexander Rodriguez Vega

 In Behind the scenes

When a person loses their loved one, waves of sadness come through the whole year. One of those days is their birthday. I wanted to take this 4381 Productions project to express and reveal what a person with a lost loved one has to go through in a situation that has to be the happiest day in a person’s life. The process of creating a story in still frames was a challenge on its own, but creating an emotion for a still image made it harder.

This project was very fun and it allowed me to go into a creative state. I had to envision every frame before shooting and had to go prepare for each one. The process was not very hard but getting the right shot in focus and with precision was where the challenge came.  We weren’t allowed to edit our photos in post so the rendering and lighting had to be exactly how you envisioned it. Another challenge that I faced was fighting with time and the weather. The day I shot this project was a very cloudy and rainy day. I only had a certain amount of time to complete the project and I was gladly able to.

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