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During the preparation for this project , I came up with different ideas that involved using family members so that it can be fun and ultimately so I wouldn’t waste any ones time lol! My younger cousins didn’t mind helping me being that it was based on things they would do if they were left home alone. This was fun to film but I under estimated the process. Originally , the storyline was them playing outside on their bikes and their mom tells them not to go passed the stop sign and as she goes into the house watching them , they are unaware and end up making random stops to friends houses, McDonalds, and the park . Unfortunately their bikes were flat and getting two bikes in the back of a small trunk , trying to put air in it when all gas stations air pumps are broke and competing against sunlight was not the best idea. I remembered that they also needed to get up for school the next morning so we had to adjust quickly.


Doing this product helped me to be even more organized when it comes to scheduling talent, feeding talent, setting up props and the whole preparation process. I also understand from a directors POV why you should be the only one giving instructions to the talent because you are the one who has to communicate the vision and bring it into manifestation. As a cinematographer , it’s important to imagine and view the space along with have a shot list . This way you can adjust and be more efficient in the event you don’t like how something comes out. Overall , I think I learned that less is more in some cases, when getting particular shots. I think sometimes I can make things more complicated than it has to be and working with the kids helped me loosen up my creativity because I honestly allowed them to just have fun with a few boundaries and caught them in the act.  This was a rewarding process that prepared me to be successful in future projects .



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