24 Frames by Daniel Padron

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The power of telling story that is limited to 24 frames felt like a challenging yet rewarding task that I sat and wondered what possible story could I tell. I’ve always been a fan of old and dated movies from the the golden era of film and admired how they were still able to craft a story with their limited capabilities of film. I thought combing the two would be a perfect match and I got to work.

The story itself did not take too much time to think of as I already knew I wanted a mad scientist plot to be the focal point. One of my side talents is painting in which I have a series which I call the “Space Bohemian” and in this series I paint the same figure in different scenarios. I added him to the 24 frames as my “creation” that I would be bringing to life. I begin with a shot list of how I wanted it to be framed which I will attach below. This was a 1 man shoot so I set up my camera (which I lowered my ISO and used a setting that removes color) on my tripod and used my 10 second self timer. To put myself in the correct shot, I used a styrofoam head that I put into frame to make sure the composition was correct.

The process went fairly quickly as it took about maybe 2-3 hours (with breaks included) to complete. I really enjoyed this process and it challenged my creativity in order to bring a story like this to life.

Feel free to give the video a watch here.

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