The Challenge of Cinematography

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Being a DP is not easy. I am honored to have been chosen by my classmates to DP “Mini Splendored,” although it went a bit sideways. It was my first time being a DP in a production of more than about 10 people, and my first time working with co-directors. I had a lot of fun doing it, even though a lot of the times we were short on time so I had to solve problems very quickly or think things way ahead of time. I had the most fun with the shot pictured, I always love playing with colorful lights. It did not take long to set up at all, maybe 20 or 30 mins. I was told by the producer that it was too busy, which I understand but unfortunately, I am extra. I learned a lot from this experience, though. I learned how to simplify my shots using the foreground and background instead of relying on cutting to different shots. That makes the scenes much more dynamic, as well, and is way smarter filmmaking. I will continue to apply this to my future work.

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