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Creating a production that comes out nearly how you pictured it in your head is always satisfying, although I don’t think I could ever be 100% satisfied with anything I create. For this project, I created a narrative based off of one of my favorite artist’s songs, which was interesting to work on since I usually get visuals in my head when I listen to music. It was fun challenging myself to bring those visuals to life, and I think I did pretty well. I decided to film in downtown Houston for a large part of my video, as I have been watching Wong Kar Wai films recently and was inspired by colorful nightlife aesthetics. There was a struggle though when I thought of shooting in 4:3 as inspired by the movie Blonde (2022) where most of the shots are in 4:3 to imitate old photos (controversial movie, but it is pretty). I did not realize that changing the aspect ratio on my Canon T5i would also bring the quality down to 480p, and it was then I decided to reshoot everything and then possibly just crop it to 4:3, but I liked the look of the mismatched aspect ratios and resolutions. I ended up doing a lot of things I did not intend to do, but that’s usually how I work and for some reason making things up as I go turns out to be some of my best stuff. Maybe it’s because creating a new concept in the middle of a concept in progress is exciting like a branch that just sprouted, about to bear fruit. Then that branch sprouts another branch, and so on and so forth. My one regret with this project though is not buying lens filters beforehand that could have definitely upped the aestheticism. Now I own  4,5, and 6 point star filters as well as halation filters in different strengths. I am excited to make something else similar to this using those filters.

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