Huge Money Spenders at the Auction

 In 2022

On March 13th, I was camera operator for the art auction that was being held at the NRG Arena. It was incredibly fast-paced. There were times where several bidders had their paddles up simultaneously so I had to pay attention to the fast-speaking announcer as he announces the numbers. The bidders were also incredibly passionate and competitive when it came to bidding for an art piece. For example, there was a group of five guys that spent a total of 2 million dollars just for the art auction. There were also multiple occurrences where it was two people repeatedly bidding back and forth.

The money raised at the art auction goes into charities and scholarships. Also, someone brought a mini schnauzer into the venue which was absolutely adorable. Overall, it was a fun time for me even though I had to be on my tippy toes while I was operating the camera.

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