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All wrapped up on my end of the edit for Death in 4K. Organization is so important in the editing process and thanks to the fact that we shot entire scenes in nearly chronological order and keeping every video and audio file logged, I was able to move from one shot to the next without scrambling through the script or searching through every file until I found what was next. After using Final Cut for the past few semesters dating back to the first non-linear editing class I was in, I decided to switch over to Premiere Pro since I prefer editing on a PC rather than on a laptop and the switch was mostly seamless, thankfully a lot of these programs function about the same way so there wasn’t much of a learning curve. Editing has always been my preferred task on any project because of how rewarding it feels once you’ve puzzled everything together in a sequence and watch it play out like an actual movie, even if it can get a little tedious at times.

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