Here’s the rough ROUGH version of my 24 Frames project. I already had my many critiques with it, specifically the repetitiveness of some later shots and I definitely could’ve utilized different angles/different types of shots in this story, but I still feel proud of my work and that I got it done. I guess some things I still like about this project was the color palette and the some of the stills from the POV of the whiteboard, where’s it’s shots of me angled from the top. If I decide to finish the edit + color grade, I’d take out two of the random extra frames of me (you’ll know it when you see it).

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  1. I really like the lighting of your project! My fav shot is the one before you start erasing the board.
    Interesting choice of music though, not something I originally imagined.

    • Thank you so much, Catherine! And I feel that, it’s not the music I originally wanted to go with, but I added it just to see what the effect was. It’s still not what I’d want if I were to re-edit this project, but it was fun to try that song out. šŸ™‚

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