An empty word document with that flickering bar highlighting your continual lack of establishment. Everyone has experienced this feeling at one time or another when putting thoughts to paper, that moment of blankness and solitude. This duration of thought collection, followed by the inability to formulate ones thoughts into a verbal set of words to record. The hardest step of any writing project is putting these initial thoughts down, as once anything has been established there is at least a continual reference point that can be utilized freely. My advice for any writer is a technique I’ve slowly conformed myself to doing regularly; keep a journal or a notebook. Take notes of your thoughts and ideas as they sporadically come to mind, then utilize them as reference points to create your starting point. This can help you to skip that blank page stage, and continue evolving your work forward. I refer to my multitudes of pages of notes and ideas as I finally begin writing my new script, continuing past that flicking bar.

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  1. Honestly, never thought about how useful your tip could be, especially for getting over every writer’s hurdle of how to start.

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