A Lynchian Production

 In Behind the scenes

Crew Photo. Taken by Andrew Dornan.

David Lynch is known for his surreal filmmaking style with dream-like imagery and in an attempt to create a short film inspired by him, no other words can describe our experience more accurately.

Within less than 10 days, Waiting Room was brought to life. Two weeks ago, it was not even an idea. Then came a coffee shop meeting, a few virtual ones, 12 hours of production, and here we are, still perplexed about what happened.

We aimed to create a Lynchian film and in return, got a Lynchian week: somewhat surreal, at times dream-like, and somehow even horrid in the end.

Team, we made it! Here’s to all the fun (and stress) we had! Cheers!

Music: Temptation by Tom Waits
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