There’s A City In My Mind

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Hello 4381 Productions,

If you have been following my blogs on here, or if you have just been within the vicinity of me within the past year, you have probably heard about my thesis entitled The Road to Nowhere. It is bittersweet to say that this project is finally coming to a close. I have my thesis defense in front of my committee tomorrow morning and while I am definitely nervous, I am also really excited to talk about this passion project extensively.

This thesis has been truly an introspective project. While I initially reflected myself in the story, this project has been reflected back onto me. It has shaped the way I identity myself as a writer, as an artist, and as a person in this crazy world. As much as the pandemic and circumstances have changed and morphed my original plans for the project, I really wouldn’t have this any other way. Let’s just hope my committee agrees.

I also want to say a quick thank you to everyone at 4381 Productions, from KRH to my peers and colleagues. I know you guys have been hearing me go on and on about this for the better part of a year so I thank you for your support.

“ I’m feeling okay this morning, and you know,
We’re on a road to Paradise, Here we go, here we go…
There’s a city in mind, come along and take that ride…
And it’s very far away, But it’s growing day by day…
Would you like to come along, you can help me sing the song…
They can tell you what to do, But they’ll make a fool of you,
And it’s alright, baby, it all right ”Road to Nowhere, Talking Heads

Screenshot from a virtual table read of my thesis screenplay, featuring actors and directors from Honors College Club Theater

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  • Jesus Castillo Jr.

    Congrats Noah on defending your senior thesis. 4/14/21

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