Where it’s at

Like many young filmmakers I hope to one day move out to a city where there’s more film opportunities. I’ve been seeing that a lot of other places outside of L.A are becoming bigger in film, for example like New Mexico and Atlanta. Truthfully I’m not the biggest fan of Atlanta or new mexico but if that’s where the action is going to… I guess I’ll be going there too. Because LA is just so damn expensive to live at.

The magic of color


I love editing photographs and want to continue how to improve my editing and photography skills the most I can.
I know I still have a long way to lean but here is a photograph I toook back in February and was discouraged to edit because I felt it was not a good picture. But after weeks of putting it off I finally decided to edit it and honestly I love it so much. I want to continue to do more creative and fashion photography.

Wrap on Beauty!

Production has wrapped on Beauty Will Save the World! Fantastic job guys!

Every single one of you worked super hard on this project! I can’t wait to see the final product!

This has been one of the most interesting stories I’ve worked on. From the cast, the crew and the set (which looks like the house from High and Low), it really shaped up to be an amazing production.


Stills to come…


Now that we’re in the final quarter of finishing ATF. I decided to upload small pieces of footage, I got while I could. I had the opportunity of working with Michael Grossman and the guy is awesome at what he does. As well as my first time ever working with a crew that big.  This was definitely an experience and I learned a lot from Mike Grossman, Houk, and my crew-mates.


My first parody video

Hello 4381 Productions, I hope everyone has a great day and today I want to share with you guys my very first parody video about 2 year ago. I filmed this with my friends and it was really. Hope you guys enjoy it! 🙂


Out with the old, in with the new

My car has been on its last leg.. for a while now. This is the first car I got as a surprise when I finally got my license at 18 (yes, 18 because I was a baby and scared to drive) It was a 2013 KIA and it has actually lasted for the past 5 and a half years. Then it started having little problems every here and there. The kids also started messing it up, spilling things on the seats and dirtying up the floorboards.

The next car I was going to have to pay for. My parents were very nice and paid for this 1st car for me, as well as the insurance. If I were to get a new one, I was going to. After searching for a few months for one that was affordable, but also in decent shape, I found one! It was at a Lexus dealership in Austin (but not a Lexus, haha) and I was able to get a good deal on it. I traded in my old car, made some money off that and got a Kia Optima LX. It is a 2018 and only had 25,000 miles on it, which was awesome. My parents had told me to look for something under 40,000 miles, because the less, the better.

I drove up to Austin and got it yesterday and I love it and already have covered my seats and floorboards with towels in preparation for the kids this week.

Also, the people at the dealership clapped for me for purchasing my first car and put this bow on it.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

I was a Studio Intern for 3 years at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, where I created long-lasting memories. At first, I was uncertain about the internship because I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the film industry. I was naïve in thinking it was not going to benefit me in the long term. I learned how to coil cables, operate camcorders, and direct a Livestream. The exposure from working on a professional broadcast where the show must go on was the most fulfilling experience I had. However, the relationship and memories I created along the way I will cherish forever. Overall, I’m grateful for having the opportunity to work in the largest rodeo in the world.


Song recommendation of the week: Cody Johnson – Welcome to the Show