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I was at the Galleria this past Saturday. Yeah, *that* Saturday. In case you did not hear the buzz on Twitter, there was a presumed active shooter at the mall.

Here I am thinking this is one of the most iconic days of my life, buying my graduation shoes and trying on an expensive pair we have been saving up for since I was a freshman. I walk out of the store holding onto my bag like a madwoman, and my family and I proceed to go down an escalator. Now, as we are going down, we see a mob of people running towards us. At first I see them laughing and smiling, so here I am thinking someone was doing a Grab N Go. But soon those smiles turned to screams and I see more and more people running towards us.

Next thing I knew my sister pulled me off the escalator and we ran to a designer store that was trying to close its doors on people running in. I lost sight of my mom, and we soon had to yell for her to follow our voices. Everyone got in and my sister and I were shaking from what could easily be an active shooter causing all of the commotion. I saw her say goodbye to a friend on her phone. In that moment my body went cold and suddenly it occurred to me that there’s a huge chance we may not make it out. I took out my phone and immediately told my boyfriend I loved him.

We sat there hiding for god knows how long and soon things were normal. We booked it to our car and checked the news to see what was happening. False alarm. Goes to show just how quick we as American citizens jumped to a horrid conclusion like that.

Though it was a false alarm, it really felt like I was trapped. Here I am, a college girl about to graduate soon and getting her shoes, feeling so happy and ready for the world; and then there’s a life threatening scenario right in front of me. Aside from a car accident, that was the most in danger I have been in, and I thank God it wasn’t real.


I went home and hugged my dog a little tight.

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