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Hi 4381 Productions! I hope everyone and you family are doing well! :D
I just have an idea which maybe it can be a short movie. So the story is about a couple who really fall for each other when they first met each other.

She never wanted to end their relationship, in fact they had a nice, beautiful time together. She missed waking up in the mornings and calling each other in the morning, then texting before school and going to work. At night, just waiting for a good night before bed. After long hard day at work, going home and reading texts from him, she will be satisfied and happy.

Its nothing special, but it‘s also a habit for her. Just like loving someone, what has become a habit is very difficult to break. Yes! Nothing is forever, but she also wishes something (not forever) is also permanent from him.

The girl is really in love with the guy and never wants to break up with him. Unfortunately, they broke up since he was too much, control her, distrust, treat her badly. Because of her love for him is unconditionally, after every fight he always wants to stop with her and a while later he texts her back. It likes the on and off the relationship, which not healthy for both. However, that happens so many damn times. She realizes that he is not the right one for her and she needs to love herself more again. She determines to get over him and begin again even it is really hard for her.

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  • Enrique Isaac Salinas

    This is a very common situation, unfortunately, but it could be a very powerful message. Do you have any movies that you could compare to so as to get a better idea of your vision?

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