Aesthetic Inspiration pt.1

Although I’m not much of an artist, I spend a lot of my time on social media looking at various pieces that the algorithm decides to send my way (maybe a little too much time). This is a selection of images that I found especially striking, for whatever particular reason, that inspires countless storylines and narratives in my mind. A single moment that could be given more context as a film.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”: an overused cliche, but no less true the thousandth time it was said as the first time. That’s why I took an interest in film, because of how dense its storytelling potential is when it’s done well. However, still-images have their own unique strengths as an expressive medium.

This collection is more “grounded” and “realistic”; I’ll share another collection that is more fantastical. Hopefully, ya’ll can use these in the creative process. There is a backstory behind some of these photos, but I’m going to leave it out to help with said process.

Artists and Photographers (that I could identify):

  • Alejandra Cardenas Palacios
  • Zhiyon Jing


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