Thick Skin

 In A thought

Call this one a ramble. My thoughts sound more coherent in my head, but writing is difficult when the mind decides to throw all your good ideas in a blender. It becomes hard to separate them that way. Sometimes seemingly impossible.

Before I got into filmmaking, I was always told by people that this industry is bloodthirsty and ruthless. I didn’t listen to any of them because I figured since they’re are not in the industry, how could they possibly know that it is toxic? If Hollywood portrays itself as such, then doesn’t that mean they’ve successfully done their job? An intimidating environment seems like a perfect deterrent for the weak willed. And it’s true, that the weak willed are not cut out for this line of work. But none of us here are weak willed, are we?

It definitely is true that this industry does push you. You need thick skin. You need to take constructive criticism. You can be emotional, but you need to be emotional when appropriate. Recently, I worked on a professional film set that was rather unorthodox in their filmmaking methods. Granted, no two films are ever made the same way, but even a professional set like this should follow guidelines. This one did not, and they suffered greatly for it. I shall not name the title of the film. It was not school involved, but the level of dysfunction I witnessed pushed me to write about them.

One particular person stood out to me on set. I will not name names, but rather I will identify this person as a type of person that many of us will encounter in our careers: The “giver-uper.” They are extremely difficult to work with. As soon as things get tough, they curl up and abandon the task. It halts production and no one can do their job. Don’t be this person. If you are this person, learn to not be this person.

Recognize that mistakes will be made in your career. You cannot be perfect, but you should always be striving to learn more. The bloodthirsty and ruthless environment that has been nailed into our heads doesn’t have to exist if we don’t allow it to.


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