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My sister and I went down to our beach house a few days ago and it was quite an adventure. We have had this beach house since my mom was a child, however it has been rebuilt multiple times because hurricanes have destroyed the whole thing in the past. When I usually tell people I have a beach house it is not what they think. We have never had wifi or a television in the house. Not until a few years ago did we finally get a washer and dryer inside as well. I think these things though are what has made the house so fun over the years. We used to go a lot more often and there would be so many of us we wouldn’t have enough rooms. When you go inside there is a bedroom with a set of two bunk beds, which originally used to have a small twin bed. Then in room two we have 2 twin beds. The living room is small, containing a futon and a coffee table. There is only one bathroom which has a small walk in shower. This was always fun when we would have 20 people at the house and had to wait to shower or go to the bathroom if someone was in there already. It was a long process, haha. We would make pallets out of blankets in the kitchen so us kids could sleep on the floor and all the adults could have beds. Everyone would take turns taking home the sheets and towels to wash depending on who would be visiting the house next to bring them back. We all had sacks as kids to put our dirty clothes in to take back home since we could not wash anything there. Nowadays we would probably complain not having wifi, but back then it was nice because as kids we did not have technology. I did not have a phone (which was a flip phone that only allowed me to text and call on it) until I was 13. We had so much fun hanging out as a family there that we didnt need a television or a computer. However, when my dad would have work calls he would have to ask the neighbor to connect him to his wifi to use for an hour or two so he could do that. Our beach house is located in Indianola. We live near the end of a dead end street, which has the small fishing marina where is like a little restaurant, place to fish and convenient store in one. My grandparents would give my sister and I quarters to walk down and buy ice cream during the summer. Back to our most recent trip, my sister and I wanted to get away for a bit and hadn’t been to the beach house in a good 2 years. We didnt tell anyone we were going, except our dad. My parents are divorced so my dad is not really allowed to go down to the house anymore, but he said he still had a key for it. It is a 3 hour drive and by the time we go there it was 8pm. There is only 1 streetlamp near the house, so it was dark going up the stairs and we tried for a good 10 minutes with the key. Apparently the locks had been changed, and the key my dad gave us no longer worked. At this point, our only option was to drive all the way back home, but I really did not want to. We have family members that live in Port Lavaca, which is more so where people live in town, not by the water. That was an hour away though. I did not have the phone numbers of any of these family members and ended up having to call my mom. She was not very happy that we went down and did not tell anyone because she said the water and air conditioning is turned off and it is hard to do at night when you can’t see. Also, I think some of the elder family members were worried my sister and I wouldn’t know the cleaning procedure when we left and such. We ended up having to drive to get a spare key from the family members that lived in town and then back to the house. At this time we still had not eaten dinner and thought to go down to the fishing marina at the end of the road. There they said that since it was 10pm they were already shutting down the kitchen and could only serve us food such as sandwiches. Then the cook came out and said it was ok, he wouldn’t mind starting back up the grill to make us some burgers, which was very nice of him and appreciated. After that, we spent another good 20 minutes trying to figure out how to turn on the water which was this lever out in the yard in a hole. The first few minutes my sister and I just went back and forth telling each other to do it because we were scared to reach in this deep hole where we couldn’t see and there could be crabs, bugs or snakes in it. In conclusion, I could not get the level to turn because I’m weak and we did not have water and could not flush the toilet. Next, we went inside and no lie, it was 98 degrees in the house. We turned on the air condition, but it did not cool off till 5am, so that was nice. While it all seemed like a mess, my sister and I laughed it off and made it a fun experience. All in all, we had fun and while it was quiet without the family down there with us, we had a good time together. Also, to avoid the “cleaning procedure” everyone was worried about, we just slept on top of the comforter with our own blanket and pillow so we would not have to wash the sheets. We also used our own towels and the rewashed the same silverware by hand to reuse so we didnt have to run the dishwasher. We figured it all out and ended up just having to wipe down the table and sweep up any sand we tracked in. I miss going down to the beach house more often, and hopefully the family can all find time to get together again soon.

Also, one of my favorite photos is across the street from our house one day when the water was so still, and had these lines across it. It was strange, but I’ve never seen the water like that before.

I love sitting on the pier and looking out at the water. It was a breath of fresh air and a nice few days.

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