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Can I scream for a sec?!

I got the call last Wednesday that I have received an internship at Paramount Pictures! I am both excited and scared at the same time to reach a milestone like this. I have always wanted to work for a film company nearly my whole life, and after so many hours working on a cover letter and resume, working on projects, and learning marketing, I finally get to show what I have learned after all of these years.

I hope to one day work full time with the movies- whether making them or promoting, I find the greatest joy in having a hand with the film industry. For now, I get to be able to make EPK’s, edit content, and be active behind the scenes! I hope to do good during this internship and be able to pick my brain and use my talents. I really cannot wait for this and am still in utter shock from it all.

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  • Randall Nnanna

    Congratulations that’s amazing! Let me scream with you! This is exciting and motivating seeing a peer reach a feat! Congratulations again!

  • Bailey Blair

    Congrats! That’ll be so fun and such a learning experience. You will have to update us once you start! (:

  • krh

    You deserve it and you will impress them greatly and make us all prouder than we already are.

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