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I’m currently working on a project as one of the set decorators which has been a very interesting role. I initially wanted to be apart of this team because it was something I had no idea what went all into it. Much respect to the professionals and the people that are in this career. The creativity and the work that goes into this are insane. Luckily, the team I’m working with is amazing and we have been working well cooperatively. I am now understanding why people only want to hire people with good attitudes. We worked for hours bouncing ideas off each other and trying to figure things out. We were telling stories, listening to music but still getting work done. The time flew but if you are working with people that are always complaining the days can seem a lot longer and boring. We also have an awesome leader who knows his stuff and is a great teacher. This was a challenge I wasn’t expecting but I have been enjoying every minute of it. I have also been learning from one of the best painters in the game and I look forward to sharing that experience.

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