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Another week passed, no noise and no rush, just a quiet space just enough to think. There have been many times wondering what I am ultimately wanting?

It is rightly said that the price of maturity is loneliness. Sometimes, when someone is unlucky, it is loneliness. Growing up is the time that makes people torment with messy thoughts about life out there. Growing up is also a time, when people know how to value what they have, know how to cherish someone who can be by their side in times of difficulty.

In this life, how many people are lucky enough to find a suitable person, someone who can go through the storms of youth with me. People are always like that never know how to appreciate what they have. Originally, no one was born to fit together but had to work together.

Going through all the bitterness of life, what people need most is peace,

The happiest part of a human life is to find someone who won’t leave you, no matter how difficult you are

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