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Recently on Instagram I saw a celebrity do this challenge called The Choco Challenge. You order this chocolate, containing the top 12 hottest peppers. This includes the Grim Reaper Pepper, which is currently the hottest pepper in the world since 2013. It is a cross between the Ghost pepper and red habanero. When it comes to spicy foods/sweets it’s a no for me. I can’t even eat a Hot Cheeto without my eyes watering and complaining about how spicy it is for the next 5 minutes. I decided to buy one box, thinking it would come with multiple of these chocolates and I would try it with my sister. She also does not like spicy foods, but can tolerate it more than me. It was a spur of the moment decision to do this, for no reason at all. It also donates 50 meals to Feeding America per box. I thought, why not? It’s for a good cause. When the box arrived it contained 1 chocolate square.. may I add, I paid $20 for this, thinking it must come with more than 1. It did not. Being a wimp and also just having a bit of an older sibling mean streak I decided to make my sister try it by herself, since there was only one. I told her it was hot and I saw people trying it online, but they seemed to be overreacting in my opinion. When she ate it at first we were laughing and she of course started to tear up saying how spicy it was. The situation escalated as we went downstairs and she began to drink multiple glasses of milk and say it burned very badly in her throat, her nose and face overall. I was still laughing thinking we were laughing together at the situation, but then I came to realize she actually was in pain. My dad came home and was angry with me, wondering why I would make her eat this, seeing how badly she was reacting to it. However, I thought it was harmless, considering it was just spicy. What could go wrong? Come to find out my sister is allergic to all types of nuts and this chocolate contained traces of multiple nuts and her throat was burning because she was having a severe allergic reaction. In conclusion, she now has an EpiPen. Moral of the story: Don’t do challenges you see on the internet… or I guess in this case, don’t make other people do them because you thought it was dumb in the first place.

Also.. I’m guessing she won’t be excited if she gets picked as one of the 5 winners to win a years supply of hot sauce.

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  • Jesus Castillo Jr.

    You should buy your sister a happy meal… I think she deserves it.

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