There’s Got to Be a Reason We’re All Here

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There are so many ways to categorize and define one person’s personality. From Myers-Briggs tests to Enneagram numbers or full zodiac chart readings and niche Buzzfeed quizzes, enough pieces of input into a computer will make a way to eventually resonate with us. But, beyond data, I’ve recently been thinking about a belief in intuition, especially within the innocence of childhood, that may point us in the way we’re meant to go.

My dad loves to tell these stories about how my sisters and I found our paths before we knew much else about life. If you got him started, he’d talk about how my eldest sister, Mia, made a 3D pair of baby shoes out of construction paper when she became a big sister at age 4. She carried this creativity into her adulthood and she is now a visual artist and graphic designer. My dad would also gladly boast about how my sister, Micah, had a reputation for challenging the intellect (and patience) of her teachers. Karmically, she is now a teacher herself, and challenges standards of prejudice and injustice within the education system every day. When it comes to my story, my dad eagerly tells stories about how I used to hoard cardboard boxes. On the surface (or even if my childhood attachment issues were factored in), it may sound a bit odd that my parents would buy me a toy and I preferred the shipping packaging. But, in the recent unpacking (no pun intended) of memories surrounding these reiterations of my own life led to the breakthrough in which I realized that I was building worlds at my own pace and in my own space. Every box became a spaceship or a superhero hideout or whatever I wanted it to be. And while they were marked up with crayons or colored pencils, they were the building blocks of telling stories in my own way.

Of course, other markers led me to have a passion for storytelling. My earliest memory is being sat at the end of my parent’s bed at age 2 and watching West Side Story for the first time. And when I was 8, I won a competition and won a DVD player and spent a year watching Under the Tuscan Sun and the 1994 version of Little Women every week.

There were detours as well. I was convinced that I would be a marine biologist at age 13, I was a part of my middle school’s rock band, and while I was enrolled at a performing arts high school for musical theatre, I spent my summers at a science camp. I’m sure if I thought hard enough about any of these experiences, there would be a glimmer of film and television’s impact on these moments in my life.

Nonetheless, as deliberate writing goes, nothing makes it onto the page without reason, and I like to think the same about life. Not only because there is joy in figuring out a puzzle, but also because pessimism would eat me alive. Whether it be fate or chance or an Aquarius Moon with a Libra 5th House ruler, something pointed me to a passion that is right.

I would love to hear from you, whoever you may be in this void, on why you think you happened to stumble or strut onto this path, if even for a moment.

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