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Disclaimer: Please do not ask what’s happening… I don’t even know what’s happening.

Ok, just kidding, I know what we are doing this year and its been a wild ride. As a student and a student leader since sophomore year, there has been a lot of event planning in my noggin as well as keeping up with two degrees at the same time. Once I finally got used to time management and how to coordinate everything… boom, pandemic. A few months into virtual events and figuring out how to shift into this new life, I get the honor to be the Chair for Frontier Fiesta. Now, this comes with a lot of responsibility and lots of thinking as to… how. Especially in the midst of a pandemic and now all eyes feel like they are on you.

We have a lot in store for everyone, and I hope all our rough drafts and finalizations are still fun and exciting for all. The last day is my personal favorite… I really cannot wait for the reveal and to fully explain what we have been encountering since July.


Am I scared? Oh yes. Am I proud of this team? Absolutely.

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