I mentioned on my previous blog (you should read it first and comeback)  I was going to experiment with going to a location and playing music that does not belong in that environment. Well, I finally escaped the four white walls of my room and visited The Museums of Fine Arts, Houston. It has been over a year since I visit the museum and let me tell you it has expanded massively. If I’m not mistaken MFAH is the fourth- largest museum in the country. Time flew by quickly while listening to music and I walked my 10,000 steps that day. Maybe it was not a good decision to work out on my legs that day before.

Two weeks have passed since my visit from the Museum and something interesting happened. While looking over the pictures I took certain art pieces I remembered the melody of the song I was listening to. I ask myself why do I remember the melody is it because of the song or the impressions the art piece gave. It can also be a combination of both but is hard to ponder over memories. Memories are a delicate topic to reflect over because memories change over time or are rather manipulated.

Either way, it was nice to change the scenery, it was a good opportunity to get inspired for upcoming projects. At the same time admired different mediums of arts.

Song recommendation for the week: Whereabouts – Stevie Wonder

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