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Hi, 4381 Productions! How are you guys doing after the Snowstorm? Anyway, I hope everyone are doing well and be safe!

I don’t know but I just feel like I have a deep mood today. I have been laying on bed and thinking a lot of about the future. It was scary when you thought about “the future. Young people do not fear out of love, fear running out of money, do not fear losing love, fear of unemployment.

If asked, what is my biggest fear in my youth, I will definitely answer unemployment. Many of you still think that falling in love is the saddest, the most frightening thing. However, when you are unemployed, your family won’t or won’t able to help you anymore, after that you will understand what suffering and fear is.

Moreover, of course everyone thinks that love is beautiful, very beautiful, but no one lives off love. And more importantly, love can always be, 30 years old, 40 years old you can still love. But a career can only build from the 20s, from the days you are young, still healthy.

What’s too much is never good, in my opinion the balance is the best. Love just enough, not compassionate, live and die for love. People also do not judge you better when you love to the fullest like that, otherwise they despise you for not controlling your life. Without love for a few years, no one will die.But try not having money for a week; you will understand the young saying, do not be afraid of falling in love, fear unemployment! 

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