My Surprise Motivator

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This southern snow surprise has definitely been an interesting time. A lot of my projects and roles have definitely been put to a halt at the moment.

That said, this somewhat-shelter-in-place and the closure of campus and businesses has now led me to only one viable option to keep myself engaged: finally getting back into my thesis.

After talking with my full committee and my peers for a few months now without doing any of the actual writing, this storm has given me (or perhaps forced me) the chance to do nothing but write.

The goal is to finish this screenplay by the end of the month and then spend the rest of March editing, writing my critical artistic essay and doing a zoom table read of a scene, all in preparation for my thesis defense in April. While that sounds like a short time frame to edit my script, I have been sending my drafts of what I have so far to my committee and peers and have been editing as I write more, so the draft that will be completed by the end of this month will not be as rough as expected.

So, I’m trying my best to stay somewhat engaged while my power and internet come and go. I hope that you all are staying safe and staying warm!

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