30 or 100 degrees, the show must go on.

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Filming in 30 degrees may have not been the best idea, partly because we all were in such a rush in the morning we forgot coats. The two actors in my film are my sister and her friend. My sister is a freshman in college and her friend is a senior in high school. This makes it a little difficult when trying to find days to film. Since her friend is in high school he does not get done for the day till 3pm, which rules out all week days to film. All three of us all live in different cities, so it is a commute to all meet up and then take one car to our filming location, which is an hour and a half away in Houston. I have greatly appreciated how much time they both have dedicated to this project. They both always come with a smile and have devoted every weekend to helping me out by being a part of this. We filmed a few days ago, but called it a day after 3 hours and not being able to feel our hands. It had also apparently rained, which I did not configure in and the shots where they had to sit on the ground were a little hard, since they stood up and the water had soaked their pants. The film also is set more in the spring/summer time so their outfits coincided with that kind of weather; which is the total opposite of the weather we’ve had the past few days. My sister had to wear a sleeveless shirt, so I let her take breaks sitting in the car with the heat on when it wasn’t her turn. I think the wind is what made it feel worse than it really was. After a while though we were so numb we couldn’t really feel the coldness. Every filming day is an adventure though and is something we look back and laugh about. We usually meet at 7:00am every weekend and while my sister and her friend get dressed and do makeup I finish up packing and making lunches for all of us. However, this was the first time we took a break to eat, the cold being our excuse to stop and eat in the car. Usually we run a good 6-7 hours completely through. By the time we pack up the car and drive there though we don’t start filming till 11:00. This has been a lot of fun for me and such a learning experience. I have spent my free time during the week before we film to figure out various angles I could do or how I could play with the lighting. It has been pretty cloudy every weekend, but the shots have still turned out well as far as lighting. On the way home we were all silent and tired and I looked back and saw they had fallen asleep. They definitely make every weekend fun and encourage me through it all. I am excited to see how it turns out and will be taking these two out for a nice dinner for all their time and patience with me during this project.


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