Tips for cold days. Did you know?

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Hi 4381 Productions, I hope you guys are doing great and stay safe.

I do not know why so this year Houston‘s climate really remarkable changes at the present time. According to the weather forecast, it will be really cold and snow on today to Monday or even on Tuesday (probably drop below 0 degrees F). I’ve heard that this might be the coldest Houston record in the past 20 years. So, I asked my aunt for some tips since she lives in the cold state all years.

Here are some main points that in my point of view it can be useful for some people in these cold days.

Firstly, at home: You need to buy or wrap a towel to keep the faucets warm outside the house to prevent the whole house from being broken due to the freezing weather. Home Depot or Lowe’s for $1 – $2 can be purchased for outdoor water hose protection.

Also, maybe you need to turn on the drain so that the water can drip at the faucets of the house, especially the shower to minimize damage. (no hot water is coming out because of damage to the cartridge.)

Limit the heat on too high (ideally 72-74). In order to avoid losing humidity in the house, which will make adults and children cough and have difficulty breathing. That would cause easily catch cold because of too much temperature difference between indoor temperature and on the street will cause colds and illness.

Absolutely do not turn on the oven and then open the door to let the heat escape to heat because it will cause house fire. (There was a house fire last month because of this.)

Second of all, remembering to keep your body temperature when going out:
Wearing layers of thin layers will help keep you warm than wearing a really thick, big shirt. Laminated coat helps to circulate air, dissipate heat and help good body temperature. Avoid fatigue, shortness of breath because wearing too thick and heavy.

Wearing a mask will help keep the nose, and mouth area warms. Minimize colds, runny nose and especially avoid COVID 19 infection.

Last but not least, driving on frozen roads:

Drive slowly, keeping at least 5 times the distance from the vehicle in front. That means, you should drive about 15 seconds away from the car in front. So that when you brake, the skid car still has enough distance to stop before hitting the car in front.

Do not hold tightly, tighten the handlebar. Psychological fear will cause the driver to try to hold and hit the steering wheel fast when the car slips accidentally cause the car to lose control and slide long and worse.

Absolutely do not brake quickly, depress the brake hard and hold because that will make the acceleration of the tank and slide faster according to the inertia of the vehicle. Step straightly click and release, click and release so gently. Don’t panic… keep the steering wheel light, swing the steering light gently so you can avoid another vehicle when it slips. you need to be calm, it will handle the car better and reduce accidents

When the vehicle is on the road, ice is frozen on the windshield. Absolutely do not splash boiling water… it will crack the car glass due to the sudden temperature difference. Squeeze warm water, splash slowly. Turn the car on, wait 5-10 minutes, then run. Do not turn on the heat immediately… wait for the car to run for about 5 minutes then turn on the heat to better protect the engine.

So, there are few things I wanted to share according to my aunt‘s experience. Again I hope it helps everyone. And I wish everyone doing great and stay safe! Happy Lunar New Year! 

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