The World Never Stops

 In A thought

It truly feels like the world is speeding by. I keep thinking of when I’ll have a time period where I could take a break but I realize that the time is over. This second part of lockdown has been diminishing my motivation and sometimes hopes for the future. I had a plan for everything before this but it doesn’t seem like there needs to be a plan since things can be taken away at a moment’s notice.

There’s a lot of anxiety among recent and new graduates about finding jobs. Which is very understandable and a very real fear and although I don’t have a solution for all these problems, I have noticed something about myself. I realized how much I love storytelling. Whether it’s telling my own stories or getting lost in one I’m watching or reading. Being able to tell interesting stories is one of the best things about this life. And lucky for us, there’s always going to be a story to tell.

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