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I was sitting outside in 35 degree weather, watching homeless people pick up used cigarettes off the street and I thought of a interesting topic for a movie that I thought was worth sharing.

Has the spread of information corrupted humanity? Before people could see and hear anything everyone wanted to say  across the world, people weren’t exposed to the evils of the world and become morally broken. Before people could read what a psychopath is doing on a Saturday morning,  Most people didn’t know how to lie and cheat their way through life. Is your moral compass or “natural” good ruined by humanity’s informational evil? However there was “natural” born evil as well (Hitler, Ted Bundy, other historic psychopaths before the web)
Possible Theme of technology being unavoidably evil (too much information creates psychopaths with subplots of the internets benefits as well)

Don’t ask me how this idea came from watching hobos pick up used cigarettes.

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